4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Magikarp

Buff magikarp

Trainers flee for their lives when wild Magikarps appear, afraid of getting splashed to death. This undergraduate Gyarados packs a powerful punch, possessing astronomical attack stats. It boasts a whopping 10 base attack stat (wow), 15 base special attack stat, and even a mighty 20 base special defense stat to supersize its already unbeatable awesomeness!!! On top of that, it is armed with four devastating moves: Splash, Tackle, Flail and Bounce. Wow thats certainly a lot to offer for a pre-evolved pokemon. There is absolutely no reason why one wouldn’t buy that in-game Magikarp for just 500 pokedollars. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Magikarp

1. New ability: Rattled

Magikarp’s new ability, Rattled, sure is an overpowered addition to Magikarps arsenal of wonderful abilities. It promises to boost Magikarp’s speed by one stage when it is hit by a Bug, Dark or Ghost type move ( it can SO survive a STAB dark pulse from Darkrai, right?). With a one stage speed boost, Magikarp can begin rampaging through enemy lines with its prized splash attack.

2. Ridiculously High Attack Stat

Magikarp’s 10 base attack stat is something not all Pokemon have to offer. With an attack stat you can count on two hands, Magikarp is destined to make a splash in the pool of powerful Pokemon that reign in the Ubers tier.

3. The Impregnable Wall

Besides being an excellent sweeper, Magikarp can also serve as an unbreakable special wall with its base 15 special defense. With this, it can survive any choice specsed STAB boosted nasty plotted Draco Meteor any day (if it has a focus sash of course).

4. The Earth-Shattering Move of Mass Destruction: Splash!

Brace yourselves, Magikarp’s splash attack is coming. Splash is so powerful, it renders even protect useless, and makes sucker punch users cry luck the suckers they are.

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